28 Jan 2018
House Cross Country was a resounding success

From Monday 15th-19th January we have enjoyed our annual House Cross-Country week. On Monday, the U3 and L4 students kicked off the competition in wet and muddy conditions, therefore needing a change of course on the day. The students worked extremely hard despite the challenge and produced an impressive display. The positions are as follows: Boys (1) J. Valkenburg W; (2) F. Margrave H; (3) T. Heath G. Girls: (1) K. Bunyard W; (2) I. McManus H; (3) C. Royle G. On Tuesday it was the turn of the U2 and L3 students in much better conditions. The positions are as follows: Boys (1) P. Moilliet W; (2) G. Bugra H; (3) B. Carr G. Girls: (1) A. Turner G; (2) A. Cook H; (3) A. McEwan G. On Thursday the U4 and L5 students took to the field. The positions are as follows: Boys (1) T. Cheshire H; (2) J. Freeman H; (3) J. Boros W. Finally on Friday the F1 and L2 boys and girls ran in very cold conditions and worked incredibly hard. The positions are as follows: Boys (1) G. Fraser-Kerr W; (2) B. Sullivan H; (3) H. Nathan G. Girls: (1) R. Waine G; (2) E. Hearn; (3) L. Manley. Unfortunately, the senior House Cross-Country had to be postponed due to adverse weather conditions. There were some fantastic individual performances throughout the week and the Sports Department are proud of all the runner’s efforts. Scores will be announced in House assemblies.

Link: http://www.freemens.org/news/?pid=3&nid=1&storyid=611