23 Apr 2018
Mini Marathon Marvels

London Mini Marathon report 2018

On Sunday the 22nd of April, it wasn’t just our past pupils and some of our parents who were competing in the London Marathon, we had a contingent of our pupils completing the final three miles of the marathon course in the mini marathon.

Well done to James Freeman, Theo Cheshire, Lily Pearson, Kiara Valkenburg, Katie Bunyard and Chloe Royle who all completed the course in tough conditions. A special mention must go to Theo Cheshire who recorded a time of 16.58 for the three mile course.

Other notable results are Ollie Garrod (one of our old boys) who two weeks ago finished 5th in the Brighton Marathon, finishing the marathon in 83rd position with a time of 2:36. Another special achievement is that of Heather Field, Freemen’s mum of three, who went from doing Nonsuch Parkrun (5kms) last year, to finishing her first marathon in London this weekend. Wow!!!

We are extremely proud of all our runners in the Freemen’s community and cannot wait for more records to fall at Sports Day later in the term.

Link: http://www.freemens.org/news/?pid=3&nid=1&storyid=723